Good Things Come in Threes

In this case, it’s three Springs… I’ve had the pleasure of watching spring arrive at home and across Ontario these past few days which makes it my third spring this year. When Andrea and I were in North Carolina, the dogwoods were flowering and the trees were just opening their leaves to a mix of delightful greens. Then again as I went through the middle states of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri… spring was full on there. Now it’s here, that brief period when everything bursts out (and of course there is pollen everywhere). So, while it’s all still blooming I took a few photos and thought I’d put a few up here. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you’re enjoying your spring wherever you may be.


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  1. nice pics! Spring is looking nice over in Burlington too, I took a few pics on the weekend… and then had to rescue some kids from the muddy side of the creek. That’s a silly story!

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