Testing… yes, I think my eyes (and mind) are ready

I spent a little time on Sunday looking, exploring, walking and letting my mind enjoy simple thoughts. The ones that caught my attention were the result of the past cold days, and the effect of the wind as it splashed on the shore of the Leslie Street Spit. Here’s a photo from my stroll, I’m interested in any and all feedback.

I wanted to put up my thoughts from the party last Wednesday, I guess I’m not finished digesting. I will add one teaser… this is a photo that Peter Mark took and it was Greg’s suggestion to capture it, I’m glad he did.

On my right (left in the photo) is Doug Clark… my first manager, the one who hired me.
On my left (right in the photo) is Greg Pedlar… my last manager, the one who confirmed that I was ready to end my stint at SIS.
And yes, me in the middle. With a glass of Oban (single malt Scotch) that magically arrived.

It was a great party, I will get that story up soon.

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