Volunteer time: SVFF

Last year some VW friends went on about how great the Shelter Valley Folk Festival was and I thought it would be worth checking out. Early bird tickets were gone and camping spots weren’t available any more in the main area so I decided to volunteer. Andrea and our friend Liz bought tickets and came up a little later on the first day.

Turned out to be a good choice: it got us into a spot with the rest of the group, got me in free, and I got to meet lots of great people as I did my volunteer time in the parking crew. The one downside to it was that my volunteer time took place while the event was on so I missed seeing some of the performers. Still, I got to enjoy a bunch of amazing performances and took lots of photos plus a few videos last year. Here’s one of Vance Gilbert singing “My Bad” (as Billy Holiday).

There are a few more videos on YT that I put up, it was shortly after I got my Rode mic for the DSLR and I was testing it out. The one of Luke Doucet singing Sundown is pretty good (I think). I thought I’d written a blog entry about it but seems I didn’t. No gallery on my website, no photos on Picasa either… odd.

Anyhow, that was last year. The 2012 edition of SVFF will be happening the last weekend of August and this year I signed up early to arrange my volunteer time. I bought Andrea an earlybird ticket as a birthday present so she’s all set as well.

I expect to have my volunteer time all done as part of the advance crew so I will get to enjoy the full time at the festival. It does mean I’ll be driving to the Henkel Family Lavender Farm “in the heart of Northumberland County” Wednesday to do my first bit. I will also be there the week before the event to see what I can do to help. And look for the town of VW-land if you’re going to be there 🙂

Looking forward to it! I’ll definitely be bring all my camera gear to see what gems I come up with this year. And I’ll be sure to post something here.

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