Westfalia Restoration – she made a break for it


Volker sent me a new batch of photos and I had to laugh at this one…

Babe made a break for it!

This is the first time Babe’s been outside this year, I guess she must be just as eager to go camping as I am. Part of the reason I laughed was because I had been there to visit yesterday and drop off some parts and Volker hadn’t mentioned this. And Babe was perched in her usual spot. Although she did have some wheels on and was taped off in preparation for the finishing touches before getting primed. And as I think about it more I’m guessing she slipped out after I left (the lighting in the last photo tells me Volker worked into the evening).

Since this is hot on the heels of yesterday’s update I’ll keep it short and let a few photos tell the story of this update.

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