Westfalia Restoration – paint day

front view

I dropped by to see Volker yesterday to deliver Babe’s new shoes (courtesy of her good friend Clifford) and he was getting close to being done with the final body prep work. And he was hopeful to be able to get to that today. Without further ado I’d like to introduce you to Babe’s new look.

She’s got her new Matador Orange coat on

Finishing Touches

Earlier photos from Volker prompted a discussion about the techniques he uses. Photos that showed different colours of filler in particular. Yesterday I learned about another trick in his bag of goodies. The product is called Low Spot Finder Guide Coat and is a very light black spray that gets sanded off. Anywhere it still shows is a place a little more filler is needed. That was yesterday and the early part of today.

Then it was time to get the inside and the top ready. One last spot of rust revealed itself as he was getting up that done. It was likely caused by some debris sitting in the rain gutter too long and getting pushed around by wind and rain. Once that was addressed it was time to prime those sections and then mover her next door to the paint room.


Then it was time… Babe got moved into the paint room for the first time. Her doors and a few other parts had spent some time in there but this was her first visit. Volker & I had discussed how he would do the painting. He likes to go over the rock guard section first so that it actually gets an extra coat. After that first spray he then planned on putting some small plugs in the factory mud flap holes since Babe has a set of South African flaps she wears. They then get painted over along with all the rest of the exterior. Almost all of the interior also got painted with the new colour. The only places that remain Assuan Brown are the engine compartment and the floor that gets covered with soundproofing and in Babe’s case a wood floor.

Here’s a gallery to illustrate that.

Next up… reassembly!

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  1. Am soooo envious! Looks like the morning sun, or is it the Setting Sun?

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