Hello Seattle

We have put pins in our travel map for a number of reasons. Visiting people we don’t get to see nearly often enough is one of those reasons. So here we are saying “hello” from Seattle.

This is the second time Andrea and I have come to this lovely city. Both times it’s been to visit with Hanson and his now wife Heather. When we were first here it was for their wedding. Now we get to spend some time with them and their two amazing kids, Rose and Hendrix.

Hanson is one of Andrea’s oldest friends, their relationship dating back to when they were both about the age of Heather and Hanson’s youngest child Hendrix. We get to connect about once a year. It’s been around our home or Hanson’s parents’ place (they live not too far north of us) though. So chilling with them here in Seattle is a treat. The last time, things were a little more hectic. Weddings tend to work that way. So this is nice.

Getting to Seattle via MTB Rides

The previous blog post talked about staying in the same place for two nights (Lolo National Forest, Montana) and our plan to spend the next two near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Here are a few more photos from those spots… we loved the riding and enjoyed the spots we got to camp. I know we could have spent a week or more exploring these areas and I hope we get to come back here again.

Getting to Seattle via Waterfalls and TV

After the riding we continued on our westward path and made our way across Washington… the last state for us to cross before reaching the Pacific coast. We haven’t quite reached it as I write this. But we are at about 500 feet above sea level (after a week or more at above 3,000 feet elevation) so it can’t be far off 😉

Another pin I’d put in the map was for all but forgotten reasons. Those came back soon enough as Andrea started looking up Snoqualmie Falls. Fans of the TV show Twin Peaks will recognize these falls right away. Folks who don’t know the show will have to google it. Even without the pop-culture  significance, the falls are gorgeous and worth a visit! A bonus along the way was crossing the Columbia River. Stunning. And then there was a stop at the botanical gardens on the way through Seattle.

So I’ll wrap this entry up with a few photos of this part of Washington. I’ll save the tale of a new hat for later though 😉


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  1. So much beauty to take in!

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