Starting Week Two

Week one is behind us; week two has begun. In the first week we covered one province and eight states (today finds us in the ninth — Idaho — where we’re having lunch in Calypsos Coffee and Creamery in Coeur d’Alene). I haven’t calculated the exact distance but estimate it’s around 2,500 miles since we left home.

Yesterday was the first time we spend a second night in any place (Lolo National Forest west of Missoula Montana) and we’ll repeat that today and tomorrow.  Three days of mountain biking in a row too! Rueter, Wyoming was the first and then two spots near Missoula. We had talked about riding today and tomorrow too but decided to take today off and go for a proper ride tomorrow after a day off. It was also a short driving day of about 200 miles. It’s our third time zone change as we crossed into Pacific time here in North Idaho (so we’re three hours behind friends and family at home).

Babe is still reluctant to start in the mornings… issuing an ominous cloud of smoke after having to crank her over a few times. I’m hoping it’s only glow plugs but I suspect we may want to find a diesel mechanic in Washington state or perhaps when we visit with Jay & Jaye in Victoria.


These updates will be short on words as it takes time to compose thoughts and then write them out. So I’ll focus on sharing photos for the most part. I’m sure I’ll get better and finding time to write… perhaps in the evenings. by a campfire? Not likely 😉

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  1. Hey Peter. Looking good (except for the difficult cold start). I’ll be starting the trek west next week sometime after BusVolk. To find campsites I typically use, iOverlander, and Campendium. Any other recommendations?

    1. Keep us posted on your timing! Bend or south of there would be great! And those are great resources. I use Ultimate Campgrounds a lot as it has a POI file I added to my GPS. Not 100% accurate but still a good tool.

  2. I’m glad to be able to follow you on this big trip and wishing you lots of luck and fun on the rest of this journey
    with love Mom .

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