A Few Stats from our #2018RoadTrip

I have previously mentioned that this was the longest trip Andrea and I have done. I don’t have stats from the previous longest trip (in New Zealand) handy but I do have some from a 2016 trip to Colorado and back. That was 4,149 miles of driving and was 19 nights / 20 days long.

So here’s what our 2018 road trip looks like in numbers:

  • 10,399 miles (approx. 16,638 km). 10,556 miles from the fill-up before we left.
    • you can add another 1,200 miles if you want to count the Vermont Overland “pre-trip” the weekend before we left
    • our longest single day of driving was 605 miles, the average was 143 miles / day.
    • Babe used 416 gallons of diesel (California was the most expensive)
    • 25.16 mpg average (9.35 L/100 km)
  • 69 nights / 70 days on the road
    • 54 nights camped in Babe
      • 49 nights paid campsites
      • 5 nights free camping (includes 1 night camped with L&M)
    • 8 nights staying at friends homes
    • 8 nights in motels
  • 5 mechanical pit-stops
    • South Bend to fix a door latch
    • Victoria to replace the driving battery
    • Portland to put in new glow plugs
    • Springfield (Eugene) for a clutch slave cylinder
    • Durango for an oil plus oil filter & air filter change
  • About 11,000 photos and 6,800 videos.
    • Still sorting through them and not sure what I’ll do with it all! But you can count on seeing more of it here 🙂
One of our top 5 favourite campsites

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  1. Thanks for having us along! Great photos and write-ups. What a trip! Babe deserves the respect she has earned :’)

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