Sun and Snow Define Our Southwest Leg

This has been a challenging update to add! And there are sooo many more queued up behind it. I started this in September and it’s now November! Sigh.

The High Sierras

Before I leave our time in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks behind, I should mention that having gone through the rain forests of Olympic Peninsula, Washington (rain of course) and then a mix of coastal highway 101 & 1 coupled with inland “detours” to Mt. St. Helens (sun), Bend (warm & sunny & ultimately leaving the coast (lots more sun!) behind as we headed for these inland destinations we were expecting the weather to warm up. In fact we had set our counter-clockwise route around the States with that in mind. Of course it didn’t work out that way! Weather is so difficult to predict 😉 .

Our First Snow

We got rain in Yosemite. It made for some wonderful photos and probably helped limit how busy the village was with tourists. Then we headed south through the park to Sequoia where we intended to camp at Lodgepole CG. Here’s how it looked…

Snow on the way to Lodgepole

A short video of our Sequoi Snow Drive

From Snow to Sun

From that lofty elevation we headed down (and down some more!) as we headed toward desert & sunshine. The descent was quite an adventure, not recommended for anything with a trailer or bigger than 22 feet.

I’ve included a few photos of some the trees we appreciated on our way, here’s one more of Babe on the road plus another showing the route on the GPS.

Babe on Generals Highway
Generals Highway

And then it got sunny and warm!


Way back in 2010, when I started looking for the Westfalia camper that would become mine, I had the seed of visiting Mojave desert planted in my mind. You see Babe had been there before, and one of the photos the owner showed me was of her camped there. I don’t have that photo at hand so I expect there be a later update once we’re home. For now, I’ll stay in the present (or at least recent past).

On this trip I had put a pin in the map with that thought in mind. We didn’t end up spending a night there but we did drive through a good part of it. And stop for a photo or two 🙂

After this, we had a repeat cycle… that will be a future blog.




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