A final week, and then…

I spent the past couple of weeks winding things down, transferring “stuff” to people who might be interested in it and throwing out the bulk of it as it was only of interest to me (who needs a memo from 1982… don’t ask why I kept stuff like that). It was quite a trip down memory lane and reminded me about a few of the things I accomplished and a few of the people I hadn’t thought of in quite a while.

So now it’s done, I really don’t have much left to do at or for work. The meetings I have left are all social rather than business and the hardest task I have left is thinking up something to say as a farewell. I’m sure I’ll need to say something on the 23rd (sounds like the party will be well attended). I am also looking for the words I want to use in a final e-mail. I’ve got a week to work out the kinks in that.

The other email I’m working on is the invitation to add me to various cycling websites and magazines as a photojournalist. That will go out this weekend, hopefully I’ll start getting some interest. To date I have had 2 very interesting offers including one that will take me to the Tour de France in July… I very much hope that works out.

I have been asked if I’ve started using a different unit of measure for my remaining time and I suppose I haven’t. It’s still days and lunches. I have 5 more working days, 3 lunches planned and one open invite I will set up on that final day. What has changed in my planning. I have a trip to Asheville, North Carolina in mind to test out the camper and test out the legs riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Andrea is very excited by the prospect of getting in some early training, and the only challenge is which bikes to bring (trying to resist the urge to bring both road and mountain bikes). I expect it will be very easy to fill up my time, perhaps the unit of measure will be open days on my calendar?

I posted a question to a mailing list I belong to (for Vanagon owners) about good places to camp around Asheville and was thrilled with the response, good thing I have some time to go through all the info and pick where to camp. Curtis Creek and Davidson River camp grounds sound like good candidates (free camping always sounds good to me).

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  1. Best wishes Peter, for the start of your new adventures!

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