The road to this next chapter has been an educational experience… some aspects have been years in the making. One example of this thought is “Studio f/Stop”, the name I picked to explore the world of photography for a second time. I’ve decided it was worth exploring. And that it’s not worth keeping.

My original thought was simple… I know I will have a focus on bicycle races and yet I don’t want to have a business name or website that limits me to that. A few people were very much a part of that discussion, it was good and useful and I have tried it for over 2 years. I wasn’t confident enough to think my name could become a “brand” the way that Graham Watson is (and the select few who are active in this niche). I now think that name — my name — is an important part of what I’m trying to accomplish. people will like, dislike, admire, hate, and all the other possibilities. They will all be art critics, of my art… so I may as well put my name on it and get credit and criticism as it gets dished out. is part of this. And as of today (well, yesterday since I’m writing this very late) now points to Later in the year I will drop the studio f/Stop domains entirely.

I am curious though… do people look around for other sites? I have a different thought when it comes to “kraiker” and so there is a site that is very bare and yet very personal. And when I save on the charges for should I use that to fund so it’s not taken by someone else?

Where to draw the line…

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  1. I think is fine – it tells me who you are and what you do. Simple.

  2. If you have a following on your old website, you should be able to retain the domain name and have it re-direct to the new site.

    With registrars like Godaddy it should be about $20 per year to keep the name.

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