Back Online

Sorry for being offline folks… the company I’ve been using to host my photography site at has been having a string of problems. It resulted in my losing my site and the 6 years of accumulated photographs I had on it.

It also took out all of my main email accounts and the name server configuration that pointed to this blog.

I have worked around almost all of the configuration screw-ups that resulted from their original failure (they say it was a hard drive that failed). I took a shortcut to get this blog working though so for the time being my host points to the original blogspot name.

I decided to take this route as I will be migrating the blog to a new name in the near future in the same way that I’ve already started to migrate my photography site from to Kraiker.Photography. I’m glad I started building that site up over the summer, it means I’m not completely dead in the water. I hadn’t planned on moving all the archival content over to the new site but now that the old one is dead I’ll have to move some of it over. Royal PITA though!

To top off everything else, my service provider is now being affected by some malicious hackers so they’re too busy to help fix my site… that makes my decision to pull the plug on them easy.

Stay tuned for more news soon.

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