Back to Quebec for the 2015 GPCQM

It feel like I just left Quebec and here I am back in la belle province again! It’s been close to two months though, with lots happening in between. And yes, I know I still need to write up my Colorado trip report. And my MSA 25th. Now I can add my Shelter Valley blog entry too! Quite the backlog I’m building up.

But here I am in Quebec City so I’ll post a few pictures before I get down to work.

We got home from SVFF on Sunday and I dropped my camper off at the mechanic Monday afternoon so he’d have time to replace the water pump (that started acting up a little in Colorado) before my next trip. Which will be next week. Tues. & Wed. at home just flew by and here I am on the road again. For a change I flew though!

No Babe this trip

Got to QC without any problems, traveling relatively light with just camera and computer gear plus a few fresh clothes to change into. And when I got to the hotel they had a lovely surprise for me… not sure why but they bumped me up to a very luxurious room with a Jacuzzi tub, fireplace and lots more. Wish I was staying longer than just 2 nights!

20150910-IMG_9505 20150910-IMG_9504 20150910-IMG_9508 20150910-IMG_9507

The racers are all here (I’ve seen lots of them out riding the course and other parts of the city) and so are the tourists. It’s a beautiful place to visit and the weather has been perfect for exploring.We’ll see how it is for race day tomorrow.

Katusha on course
Restaurants and tourists


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