Clearing My Backlog Part 1- A Warm Winter Spot

While I’ve been totally distracted with all the technology issues I’ve fallen behind in my blog… so let me try to start doing a little catchup with this entry.

Putting Babe In Storage

I had planned on taking my camper to the same place she spent last winter in until a delightful opportunity came along. Some cyclist friends recently moved from a house into a downtown condo and we had a chance to visit them not long ago. It was a delightful evening that included dinner at C’Est What with lots of great conversation. It also included some talk of a parking spot they have in their indoor heated parking garage that they weren’t using. They were actually keen on seeing if Babe would fit, indoor garages generally aren’t tall enough so I was skeptical but happy to check it out… an indoor spot a short public transit ride away vs a cold garage over 2 hours drive was enticing.

This all took place on a Friday and the dumping of snow we had was finally melting. In fact the snow had kept me from driving to the planned storage spot (rust avoidance tactic). We took a stroll through the garage to get a sense of height and it look close but possible. I arranged to meet Michael Sunday morning and he was my eyes to see how much room we had as we went through the various low spots.

With inches to spare all along the way we made it! And since then I’ve gotten delightful photos of Babe nestled in her spot from her new friends 🙂


Here are a few photos Marilyn sent along a few days ago when she was down to visit Babe.

Babe hibernating Winter 2014-15 warm Westie happy Babe

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