Clearing My Backlog Part 2 – Down Time

As my cycling photography has gotten quiet at the end of the season I’ve been picking what will fill my calendar between this and that. Seems there are lots of options for me to pick from. And I think I’ve chosen well.

I still have a few major events to cover in the near future and everyone I’m working with knows about them. In particular the Canadian track cycling championships at the new Pan-AM venue in Milton is high on that list. These events and this venue have a high profile and are under pressure to succeed… we’ll find out how they measure up early January 2015.

I also met up with a previous IT client to discuss possibilities… we found some common ground easily so it looks like I’ll be back doing some contract work before Christmas. It’s a challenging project so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can contribute. Here’s a link to my previous engagement.

Then there’s my personal interests! I am working on a new gallery exhibit, I won’t say much about that until I’m sure it will happen… hope to have some good new on that front soon!


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