Detached from my hardware

I’ve gotten to sleep on it, sleep without it, and adjust to a new set of sensations.

The removal of the halo wasn’t difficult, it was just weird. Andrea was there to help, in fact she got to unscrew the pins while the nurse (Tracy) held the halo in position and then off it came.

My neck is very stiff, I have a removable brace as expected, and it will take a little time for the pin sites to heal. The front ones aren’t too bad, the ones in back are a bit of a mess so they’re take a little longer. Meanwhile I keep testing my neck out a little bit at a time, turning it and tipping it and just trying to get used to moving it. And trusting that it’s healed enough.

I go back in 2 weeks to get x-rays done while I flex and extend my neck so the doctor can see how the bones are doing. I’m hopeful that I can get rid of the collar then and get used to being able to get on with living again. There is a national MTB championship not far away that’s only 2 weeks away, I”m really hoping to be able to get there and cover it.

I don’t think I’ll be going to Elk Grove this year, as much as I’d love to… it’s a great race and this year they are really featuring the women’s events with bigger prize money and more press focus. Hopefully I’ll get back there next year. I’m not sure about the MTB world cup events at Mont Ste Anne yet either. Part of being patient, I can’t make too many plans until I know more.

Anyhow, here are a few photos to document the removal… I’ve tried not to illustrate the pin sites too much, it takes a little getting used to.

Partially dissassembled

Only the halo left to be removed

Finally get to wear my NZ koru again

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  1. Wow! I can imagine not moving my head, but the big question is what does it feel like to have those pins in? Must have felt like a vice. Glad you are ok!

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