Tomorrow is H-Day

My CT scan is booked for 11:30 Wednesday morning, if all goes well I’ll leave the hospital without this halo.

Andrea gave my hair a good washing, that will likely be the last time I need to sit on a seat in the shower with a cape covering the vest. It will be a week until the pin sites heal enough to be able to get them wet but at least I’ll be able to wash my body from neck to toe when the vest is off.

I’ve been lucky that it hasn’t been too hot too often, the regular washing underneath has kept it reasonably good and I don’t expect it will take too long for my skin to recover. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get some real muscle tone back though… that’s the next part of the saga.

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  1. Guy Kennedy says: Reply

    Wishing you good luck tomorrow and a continued successful recovery. Hope to see you soon. West River Westies?

    1. Thanks Guy. I look forward to seeing you (both) again soon too. Not sure about WRW, perhaps Buses of the Corn? If not then Watkins for sure!

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