From Buses to Basements

The glow from the past weekend at Busfusion is slowly fading, and I’ve been getting back to things I’d started before I left for Moab. I’ve made some good progress this past week, and that includes time invested today. Steff has been really helpful and together we nailed a bunch of things on my bucket list. I did a bunch more today too.

And let me say for the record… the ONLY time I’m ok with shopping at Ikea is when I know exactly what I want and it’s in the bulk area at the end of the line before the cash. Twice in two weeks really pushed all those buttons.

But I have 2 thirds of the space built, one twist I didn’t expect means I’ll have to buy a couple of brackets to replace ones I wanted to re-use. Not a big deal, just a slight delay.

So here are a couple of photos… on top of doing the grunt work I also decided to hang a couple of photos.

The bathroom, seen from the guest room
The back storage area… starting to fill up

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