From Basements to Birthdays – 60

Last weekend was an awesome VW bus event. This week was constructive work in the basement. Today… well it’s my birthday. Sixty years old, still here.

I am older than my old man
I am older than my old man ever was
I try to keep it in context
(Lyrics from “Older than my old man now”, Loudon Wainwright III)

My father didn’t make it to 58, so 60 is a meaningful personal moment and I’m glad to have gotten here. It’s not about the age though, being here, now… that’s what matters. I’m very much here, and happy to be alive and living in the moment.

It’s been an interesting day, I’ve quite enjoyed the pace and feelings. A slow start, lingering in bed… I enjoyed my day’s beginning. A relaxed middle, puttering, contemplating. Chatting with a neighbour, learning and sharing. Fresh local asparagus for dinner, cooked the way I like it (since I cooked it). Very much a reflection of how I view this phase in my life… low key suits me just fine.

When I turned 50 I was determined to make some changes. Ten years ago… wow.

Since June 12th 2004, I’ve:

  • quit smoking.
  • taken up bike racing (and stopped).
  • gone up some amazing mountain passes (on a bike of course).
  • broken more bones than in the 50 years before.
  • gone to places I’d only dreamt of, like Moab.
  • “retired” and worked hard at enjoying it!
  • gone from having a ponytail to shaving my head. 
  • learned to fix an old VW.
  • driven that old VW to some amazing places.
  • gotten over a fist-full of fears.
  • dared to write things, some destined to be printed in magazines.
  • ridden a bike in places I’d never thought I would. New Zealand comes to mind.
  • smiled more. And hopefully mellowed a little.
  • taken a photo or two.
  • … and more …

I expect just as much more from the next 10 years… we’ll see how that works out!

No photos from the day though… this is a “words only” post.

I’m sixty… how the hell did that happen?!?! 

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