It’s Movember 2012

I heard on the radio today that “Movember” has become one of the biggest fundraising events in Ontario over the past couple of years… amazing. And definitely good, not to take anything away from all of the other great fund raisers for other great causes. D@mn… there seem too be a lot of problems to solve in this modern world we live in.

Anyhow, it all just made me think of one guy. I’m getting ready to head up to the Baseball Cross in Springwater which is the venue for the Provincial CX Championships this year. I got some great photos of Kevin Watson there. And then we all learned about how devastating pancreatic cancer is.

Here’s to a Kevin Movember! Be generous even if you’re not from Ontario.
(and yes, I know Movember is for prostate cancer… I just treat it as bigger than that, and hope I never have to confront either).

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