When photos go viral

I covered a small local CX race this weekend after attending the Cycling Canada gala to celebrate the Canadian Olympic cycling accomplishments. I’m just now wrapping up my coverage of the celebration with a 5+ minute video made up of over 30 minutes of interviews. And getting that done has been stalled by the surprising response to a small gallery I put up on Facebook from the Hardwood CX held on Sunday.

It wasn’t well attended, considering it was the weekend before Halloween there should have been more people with a costume to brighten up the cold and overcast day. Instead it was the attendance of two racers who made the gallery go viral.

Emily Batty and her fiance Adam Morka are well known in the MTB scene. They are active in CX too (Emily won the Canadian National title last year) but this was the first ‘cross race they’ve been in this season. It also meant it was the first time people got to see Emily in her Trek-Subaru Canadian CX Champion kit. Clearly seems people have been looking forward to seeing it! Or else they just love seeing photos of Adam and Emily. Which I know is true…

Anyhow, enough words. Here are a few of the photos that have become so popular. Again, they are digitally enhanced using my “CX Harsh” setting with one exception which is there to show the “not-quite-red” colours of Emily’s kit.

And if you want to see more of the event, my gallery is online at http://kraikerphoto.com/2012_Hardwood_CX_g321.html

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