Packed for my first shoot of 2015

I’m all set for the next four days of photography… Canadian Track Championships at the newly built (and yet to be fully finished!) velodrome.

I have 2 bodies, 4 lenses, my 1.4X extender, one flash and extra memory cards packed into this bag plus my Cocotte with my computer gear and a tripod. Not all of my gear but close… I’ve left 1 body, 1 flash and one lens behind.

Parking is very restricted @ the venue (parking lot isn’t done yet) but I was able to procure one pass on behalf of Pedal magazine so I’ll be carpooling with the other photographer I’m working with. Should be interesting!

The also don’t have the concession stands in place so I’ve made myself a sandwich… the events are in the afternoons and evenings so it will be dinner.


Details of the event are available here:

And my photos will be up on starting tonight… keep your eyes on that space if you want to see how it goes.

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