Has it really been 5 years?

I’ve been looking through photos as a result of accepting a Facebook challenge and as so often happens “one thing leads to another”. In this case I stopped on a photo taken on 2011-03-24 and looked at all the things that photo says to me.

My old cubicle
My old cubicle

Looking at this photo 5 years later I have to chuckle. And I wish I’d kept that “Peace Love Linux” flag! Oh well, long gone. Let me tell you what I see though…

Starting at the top left there’s a button from an IBM TLE conference (Technical Leadership Exchange) that says “Pass It On”. Beside that my name, always askew. The big flag which has an appropriate Terry Hamilton tag line attached.

Then there’s the Mr. Boffo haircut comic (lose the suit… I did) and below that “The Published Laws of William Hardacre” which contains the obscure Law #42.

Next up are some silly and playful teases to my then-coworkers, like the Pet Peeves & the hackers piece (remember, this was 5 years ago and hacking into a Tesla wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Or was it?).

Finally, to the far right, are some things from my archives. Including a punchcard, a group photo that includes some people I worked with for many years (know these folks?) and had immense respect for, and a hand drawn flow chart because it predates Visio 🙂

I think that may be a boxed OS/2 Warp up on the cabinet behind too 🙂 Ahhhh, the memories! I’m happy with my choices including the one to Move On.

To add a little more context, here’s the post from when I took this photo…

Closed the previous chapter, this one is now officially open

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