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I should be calling it a day and putting my head down to get some sleep… funny how life can get in the way of things you plan. Things happen, adrenaline kicks in, you go with it. So here I go…

My last (terse) blog entry was about writing an article about doping in cycling a year ago, specifically about doping and a Canadian cyclist (Michael Barry). Then there was a second revelation, it hit home even just as deep for a second time here in Canada. That news (about Ryder Hesjedal and others) prompted me to write an early reaction piece for the Pedal magazine website (plus a follow-up) and am following that up with an in-depth print article about the latest round. Funny thing: it just keeps getting more in depth as I ask more questions.

I honestly like where it’s going though.

The news of Ryder Hesjedal’s confession to doping broke really hard, there were more negative reactions to this than any of the Rob Ford revelations (IMHO, likely only Toronto friends will get that, it’s ok). It was a much stronger reaction than when Michael Barry came forward too, it seemed to be very short lived though. Beyond initial reactions, I was looking to confirm a few things and found some even more interesting details in background stuff.

One thing (a CCES email interview) led to another (a USADA phone+email interview), requests for comments from Slipstream Sports (email), which led to another USADA conversation (background discussion via phone+email), follow up requests to Slipstream (email), which led to a call from USADA (regarding an extended video of a presentation by Travis Tygart… yes, USADA is forthcoming to media requests).

And then Twitter.
I saw a tweet that went like this:

Some days I do stupid things. Most days, actually. Just that only sometimes my stupidity becomes public.
— Jonathan Vaughters (@Vaughters) December 12, 2013

I’ve been trying to get some time on the record with him to balance what I’ve gotten from other sources so I decided to respond…

@Vaughters a Westword too many? Wasn’t the interview we didn’t have today…
— Peter Kraiker (@kraikerphoto) December 12, 2013

Smackdown… careful what you ask for. I do feel that I got more than I bargained for and I love it.

I’m not sure I even hit enter before my phone rang with a Denver CO # showing up. About 1/2 an hour later I was sitting back wondering if that really happened. And of course it had. Vaughters is that kind of person.

Details to follow…I hope the essence of this extended story comes through in the piece I’m writing… you can let me know what you think when it’s published.

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