Encased in ice, Toronto is struggling to get back to normal. At the height of the “storm” and in the aftermath over 300,000 people were without power. Trees in many of the older parts of the city shattered under the weight, described as 3 time what they would normally bear. Exploring some parts of the city was impossible as roads were blocked by the carnage and the power lines that came down with the limbs. Even major roads like Leslie Street were narrowed by the trees leaning down from the  park. Traffic lights were out, for the most part people were considerate toward each other.

Amazing how damaging a steady light rain can be.

It’s now over 56 hours since the power started going out, the Hyrdo crews have been working non-stop and over half of the people who lost power are back online and have their heat back. There have been some tragedies as people made mistakes with barbeques indoors, generators in their garages or unattended candles. Not many, but a few needless deaths.

We are still without power, fortunately we have a gas stove and water heater. The furnace needs electricity to pump the water through the rads but we were able to keep the house warm enough while the outside temperature was still around freezing. And now that it’s dropped to -10c we’re lucky that our neighbours got their power back. With an extension cord from their outdoor outlet running in through our mail slot, we have one light on in the living room and a small electic space heater near Punch’s cage. He seems happy enough at +15c so we’re all doing ok.

Next up: Andrea is going to bake a cake for tomorrow’s Bowker family gathering while I get things ready for the Kraiker gathering with our traditional fondue dinner. An evening out of the ice-encrusted city will be good. Fortunately the storm didn’t reach up to Midland so my mother was unaffected.

Perhaps we’ll have power and heat by the time we get home.

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