Turning The Southern Corner of Our Trip

Blogging as we travel has been a challenge. In part because we’ve often elected to be in remote locations. Also because we’ve been keeping busy enjoying all these amazing places. So… this blog entry was started a week ago or so (10/7), I’m continuing it here where we’re camped just outside of Durango (10/13) and who knows when it will get finished. I’ll use the time to write while we huddle inside staying warm. Update: this is wrapping up as we relax here in Santa Fe NM, it’s now 10/18. There’s a back-log of stories to tell!

Half Way Home

This trip is past the midway point. More than half of our time and all of the west and south parts of the journey are behind us. We turned the corner and have begun our way home. I had previously mentioned that this is now our longest trip and that was many days and miles ago. The trip continues with its own mix of highs and lows. Tonight’s low is the temperature! Wish we were back in New Zealand in some ways! And glad to be where we are in others. This is a beautiful part of the world too. Getting here has been an adventure as is being here.

Home: it’s still still weeks away and we’re not thinking about it (or at least not too much). There are still lots of pins in our map that we haven’t reached yet. So let me write about a few that we have reached since leaving the Pacific coast and Hwy 101 / 1.

Home. Yes, that includes Punch

From the Coast to The Sierra Nevadas

We left the coast a little north of San Francisco and tried our best to avoid busy highways. With some success. It was still a hike as we made our way inland through this busy and built-up area. It was a day put to good use and it got us to where we were aimed. The days that followed were all we hoped for so it was a good choice.

Our last coastal campsite was in the dunes off Bodega Bay (in Sonoma Coast SP) and I imagine we still have some of that sand onboard. Jumping ahead in time we’ve added a lot of different sands (and mud) to the mix! Babe is still pretty tidy for the most part though. Decisions like having a faux-wood floor help on that front. As does having a place to put things so they don’t limit our ability to keep our home tidy.

From there our next campsite was in Crane Flats CG up above the “village” in Yosemite Valley. What a world of difference. Including the 6,000+ feet of elevation difference between the two. Before I skip over the park entrance, let me just say that one of the best decisions we made was to get an annual National Parks pass. We hesitated a bit as we thought we’d only be going through two and the break-even point is three national park entry fees. I think we’re up to 5 so far and will likely use it a few more times. So… if you’re on a big trip get one early! And check for whatever discounts you can get on it. I qualified as a senior (62 is their measure) but failed on citizenship as it’s only available to U.S. folks. Never hurts to ask though.

Back to travel though! The terrain changed several times as we headed east through California. From coastal to low mountains and interior valleys and then to high altitudes.

Hello Yosemite

And from there to forests!

And Then!

The world around us changed. That will be the next post!

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