Westfalia Restoration Week 7

Week 7 has continued work on the front now that it’s been cleared out and the necessary parts have been repaired or replaced (still a few more plastic bits to fix but that has a little time). Part cleanup, part grinding, lots of prep.

Something I didn’t mention before was that Greg Potts gave me a later-model parking brake mechanism from his tin-top as he was parting it out. I’d been told they’re much more effective than the original ones and I was thrilled to be able to set it aside as a future upgrade. Well this would be the right time. There’s a significant difference between them, should be a lot more secure when parked. The long bolt underneath will require adjusting as the different connection location puts a lot more tension on it.

Both pedestals were up next. More carpet was pulled back and tucked away. Not all of it got taken out, the back sections are glued on and there’s a risk of damage so they were carefully folded and secured. Then the top of the pedestals got cleaned from the years or grit and grease before being painted and then sealed up so they won’t be affected by an over-spray.

As it’s stripped down this far, I’m wondering about putting the Rocky Mountain security locker in the passenger pedestal… anyone have an opinion?

Now on to rust remediation! Time for the wheels to come off so Volker could work from above and below. Scraping, stressing where metal looked fatigued, exposing all the flaws. And then cleaning and grinding. The rust will get treated to remove it, the holes will get sealed, and like the doors the front will get primed before getting a treatment of Lizard Skin.

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