Westfalia Restoration Week 8

This week has been focused on a few different fronts. For me it’s been sourcing the parts I want for the solar configuration with the aim of making these available as a package deal for others to purchase. I wanted something more sophisticated and expandable than the packages available on Amazon or through our regular suppliers like GoWesty. And I wanted to source it through Canadian companies where possible. More news on that later.

My other focus was coming down to pick up the new Truck Fridge & custom cabinetry from Karl @ Westy Ventures that had been shipped to Joan & Guy’s place in Vermont. These two packages are now in the back of the Jetta and will come home tomorrow (sitting in an AirBnB in West Burke as I write this).

Volker on the other hand has been working to finish the front floors as well as the bumpers.

Last week’s update included a few of the things he’s been working on to get to the point where he can paint, the first paint the body will see as part of this restoration! I’ll let two photos speak for all the work behind that… an early shot in the process compared to where it stands now. You’ll notice a few things if you look closely. There are some factory holes that no longer exist and some very subtle seams that are no longer seams (look in the foot wells to compare).

Next up will be preparing the entire area for Lizard Skin and then covering it with final coats of paint.

Now on to the bumpers.

Babe has an early edition of the GoWesty steel bumper on the back. And she’s had a cheap aftermarket chrome bumper on the front that’s been looking worse for wear as the years have worn on. I decided to keep the back bumper but replace the front. I’ve always liked the style of the old bumper with the rubber strips, unfortunately they’re only available in chrome and part of this restoration is less chrome. Volker came up with a great compromise and I was quick to agree. Well, quick once I gave up trying to find some solution out that doesn’t seem to exist. The new GoWesty bumpers are different so I’d have to replace both. Same for the Rocky Mountain Westy bumpers. In fact all of the options other than a sturdy European black front replacement didn’t work for me. So when Volker said he had a good bumper from a Doka, at a fair price, and that he could mount the rubber bumpers as part of the transfer & painting I said yes.  Another pair of photos to show the before and after. The after shows it all assembled but only primed. It’s been painted since.

Moving back, I’ve always liked the sold feel of the bumper back there. Never liked to trailer hitch… why put a ball in there rather than a receiver? Plus it got bent at some point in time when the PO backed into something.

‘Nuf said… that’s been taken care of. One side effect of this is that the bumper needed to get cleaned up and re-painted to address a bit of rust and the mod for a receiver. I’ll have to decide what to do about the stickers that are no longer there. A few of them were delightful reminders of places we’ve been together. I know one that will definitely go back on, we’ll see about the others.

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  1. I’m interested in your comments re: solar. Let’s talk about this next time we land at the same place. BusFusion?

    1. I’m certainly planning on being at BusFusion, expect to have some spare solar parts available too if you’re looking for some. We’ll definitely talk!

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