A Summer Storm

I went for a great ride today at Albion Hills with Andrea, Tanya and a handful of “pups” from the Lapdogs team… the trails were great after a little overnight rain and it felt really good to be out on the bike (and to have a weekend off!).

As we got back to Toronto, the skies opened and it started to rain. And rain, And RAIN. We got Tanya to her place mostly dry and then the storm really settled in over the city hitting some parts hard. I was told by one fireman that the downtown core got hit hard, I know my neighbourhood took it on the chin. As we drove home we passed some significant damage so after unpacking the bikes and gear I grabbed my camera and went for a ride to see exactly what was going on.

Mother Nature wasn’t kind… as far as I know there was only property damage though so she wasn’t heartless. The hardest hit came down at Davisville and Foreman with a tree coming down on 4 houses and destroying the car of one. It turns out to be the home of a woman we’ve had do renovations at our house and she was very distressed.

On other streets, people were waiting for the crews to arrive to deal with live wires on the road or clearing a way for people and cars to pass. Within a mile or so of my home, I came across at least a dozen places where that was damage. At least 6 requiring the road to be closed. And we’re not done yet, the forecast has more storms around…

Here’s a sample of the damage, the gallery of shots I took is up on my “TO Storm Gallery” on Picasa.

(and yes, I’m still working on finishing the final TdF installment! : )

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  1. Holy mackerel, you leave town for a couple of weeks and your neighbourhood has the worst storm damage you’ve seen. Maybe I’m glad I missed this one 🙂

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