The 2011 Buses of the Corn is now in the history books

First, a big “thanks!” to Greg in particular, and the rest of the Potts family and friends who made this event happen. I was really happy to hear Greg say it will be back next year! I hope y’all can make it…

As usual, a lot of corn was eaten, a lot of firewood (and other things) were burned, a lot of beer & tequila & scotch & who-knows-what-else was consumed, and a few fuzzy heads were seen in the mornings 🙂

And of course a lot of sweet buses were there… I was delighted to see lots of first-timers, as that was our experience last year and it was a great introduction to the community. This time we were able to put a few faces and buses and dogs together and even remember names! (I’m a visual person, what can I say… I’m terrible at remembering names).

The weather was good, the possible rain never materialized, and the corn… oh so very delicious! If for no other reason, come next year to sample this! And then pour another shot of tequila into Frank’s glass 🙂

Thanks everyone, it was a blast!

Here are a few sample photos, I have a small gallery up on Picasa… I actually took the weekend “off” so I didn’t take many photos. And it was a nice change to see I was on the other side of the lens for a few of them… that doesn’t happen too often. I hope to see photos that other volks took.

Sofie and Jerry


Frank and his light show

Peace, Love and Corn

Hunter found a spot to relax for the evening…

Things got down-right hot!

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