Day 5

This will be my 201st post to the blog since starting it in 2011. Usually my multi-post threads are related to a trip, this thread is more of an “adventure” since it all takes place in the same location…

The Toronto Hydro twitter feed tells me how hard the crews have been working for the past 5 days:
<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>
Power restored to approx. 82% of (or 245,726) customers since height of storm. 54,724 remain without power.
— Toronto Hydro (@TorontoHydro)
<a href=”″>December 26, 2013</a></blockquote>
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We are in the remaining 18% though, without power for over 100 hours nows. We’ve been out of the house a few times to visit family and celebrate this festive time. And each time there has been an edge to being out; a hint of concern mixed with anticipation. I hope to be home when the power comes back on… the water pipes are fine but I’m not sure about the radiator pipes as they’ve been without any circulation. And I expect the furnace will kick in once the power is on. That’s the concern, the trepidation.
The anticipation comes from driving through streets and intersections that had been dark earlier in the day wondering if perhaps we’re also back on the grid. Both times it has been disheartening to get to our little nook and see no change.

Five days into this, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude. The fridge and freezer are empty with some frozen food saved in the bike shed and lots of spoilage waiting for the next garbage collection. The floors and walls are all cold to touch, there is ice building up on some of the windows, and most of the time has either been in the living room by the space heater or under the covers in bed. Not much motivation to do things. Even reading means holding something cold in your hands.

I should have been out taking photos, the grey days have had some interesting light effects, there have been bright sunny periods and the ice at night in a mix of lit and dark sections has lots of potential. I just haven’t been motivated to be out in the cold.

That’s not to say I haven’t taken any photos. But they have mostly been on my iPhone. I”ll wrap this entry up with a few photos. We’ll be heading out again this afternoon, perhaps tonight we’ll come home to light.

Day 1

Day 1
Early Ice
Sun and Ice

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