Still in the dark

Social media is an interesting thing. It’s become a great source for getting news quickly and from numerous different perspectives. In the case of #darkTO it’s revealing itself to be a challenge.

Reading as friend by friend gets power back while we are still without has an odd taste, a twist of bitter in it and a hint of something more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy for everyone who’s got their power back! And we’re doing ok thanks to some great and generous neighbours. It just feels a little more… Difficult? Frustrating? Not sure what the right word is but getting so much news without getting any direct news about when our situation will change has given me cause and pause to reflect.

Is this a small sampling of how people felt in Japan after the tsunami? Or in Sryia? Or any major natural or man-made disaster since we all got so connected? I’m definitely not saying this is anything close to as bad as that… Only that perhaps I have a little more sensitivity to how challenging it can be now. And perhaps I have been given a glimpse of how a drop of rain, greed for power, a wave, or some wind can alter someone’s life forever.

In any event, I’ll take this as my second reminder this year about how lucky I am and how good it is to be alive. That’s a lesson I hope I have already taken to heart.

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  1. True..I think the work “bittersweet” is a very appropriate. I agree the situation makes you reflect. You want the best for everyone ,and you wish no harm to anyone, but somehow as you hear about POWER coming back for the neighbour , but as you continue to sit in the cold dark,you feel a strange mix of emotions , The positive is that even in the dark we still mostly have freedom , food and the ability to exist in peace.
    You are safe, ( maybe not happy!) , You are healthy. You have a great soulmate…
    Best to you and Merry Xmas
    Reflection might be the best Xmas gift of all
    From Lori and Pete

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