Ready? No. Set? No. GO (regardless!)

Thursday is almost done, I have less than 3 days before I fly and I’m very much not ready…

That’s not all bad, I do like to think things through and then act on the sum of the thoughts. This feels later than usual though… I’m still imagining and visualizing the packed bag, that’s something I would normally have done a day or two ago. I can see it though, the list of what’s in my mind and what’s piled up is getting close to being equal.

France… mmmm. Lots of thoughts there, and I’m very much looking forward to going back again. Paris is my favourite city, I expect nothing less than “yes” from this visit as I have from previous visits.

For tonight though… I’m done. Spent. So I’ll take these thoughts and let them shape dreams for my night. Tomorrow I will finish my packing! Tonight I’ll “just” sleep.

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