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Apr 30 2017

The Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A archway

A Facebook comment from a friend welcoming us back and playfully asking for more photos from the V&A prompted me to put a gallery together. I’m publishing it here rather than only on FB. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and this is a good reminder that I should be paying a little more attention …

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Oct 24 2016

Colorado wrap-up

Big Sky

Well! September 25th to October 15th was a home to Fruita Colorado and back trip. What a trip it was! Let me wrap this up in a summary entry. 4,149 miles (6677 km) for a 2016 total of 9,022 miles (14,520 km) 741 miles was the longest single day of driving according to my RoadTrip …

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Jun 19 2016

A Tour of Leica Camera AG

Frau Nussbaum

<Warning… long post!> This story likely started some time in 1950 when Ernst Leitz II and his sons decided to expand the Leitz Factory footprint beyond Wetzlar, Germany. I’ve read this had a lot to do with the destruction caused by the 2nd World War along with the threat posed by the Soviets. I wasn’t …

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Apr 06 2015

Babe is Back, it Must be Spring

I didn’t have a chance to write up anything about getting my camper out of storage other than a quick post to Facebook. Let me fix that. Late last year we got together with our friends from Turbo Training Marilyn and Michael to see their new place and have dinner together. Yes, the same delightful …

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Oct 05 2014

October In Vermont. Again!

I’m told we’re creatures of habit and I’m ok with that. Going to Vermont to enjoy the Autumn colours and some mountain biking for Canadian Thanksgiving is a habit I like and will happily be that creature for years to come. Andrea and I have been doing this longer than I’ve been keeping this blog. …

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May 23 2014

Moab Trilogy Book 3: The Trip Back to Toronto

 When I was trying to decide how to write this final book of the trilogy, I started by thinking that it would be the least interesting to readers. It’s certainly just as full of adventure as the previous two books, in different ways though. So I’ll just keep writing and you can make of it …

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May 20 2014


This being the first “summer” long weekend it’s been a classic weekend for fireworks, camping, and escape from hibernation… ” May two-four” (not because cases of beer come by the 24 as some people seem to think!). Sitting here listening to fireworks brings a handful of thoughts to mind so I’ll just rattle them off …

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May 10 2014

Moab Book 2: Being There

I feel like like I skipped over so many things along the way to summarizing the first part of the trip… how the weather was (soooo much better than it had been when I left TO), what it felt like to be on the road (and on the road alone)… I am really getting to …

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May 07 2014

Moab Book 1: Getting There

It began with the forging of the Big Rings… three were given to the mountain bikers. (sorry, I couldn’t resist some LOTR-esque start once I decided to make this a 3 part tale). This trip was certainly an adventure, nothing like the trip Frodo went on though as I didn’t see a single dragon, troll …

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May 06 2014

Moab Trip, in Three Parts

I’ve decided to break the trip down into three parts: my journey getting there, up to meeting Bob and spending a few days in Moab learning from him going to Vegas to pick up Andrea, the time we shared riding and camping around Moab, and then heading back to Vegas the trip back to Toronto …

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