403 A, eh

The 2012 vintage VW season has started and for me it was with an expansion tank that started to give out. I was expecting it to go some time as it was one of the last casualties from a bad oil change that caused a run-away engine (something unique to diesel engines for those who were wondering… it’s when oil gets into the turbo / intake and gets burned along with the diesel fuel). The expansion tank got overheated and melted from the heat and pressure. That was almost 2 years ago though so to have it show signs of leaking this past week wasn’t bad. The hardest part of getting it fixed was confirming which part is the right one as there is a “403 A” and a “403 B”. As well as the no-longer-available tank for the ’82 diesel. Fortunately Babe has a newer tank (she’s an ’82) and the matching hoses so getting a replacement wasn’t hard.

I really should have replaced it some time ago, it’s not a hard job or an expensive part. Here’s hoping all the “upgrades” this year are as minor as this.

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