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Jul 29 2014

What A Difference A Day Makes

I went to bed last night a little more relaxed than I had been earlier in the evening. Might have been the company; sitting around a kitchen table with Greg and Frank shooting the breeze was fun. Then again it might have been the tasty beer along with some 12 year old Aberfeldy scotch. The …

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Oct 01 2012

Back to back Westy weekends

I enjoyed the experience last year and it was even better for 2012… the only time I have two VW camping events that I can be at right after each other. All the events I get to are fun all on their own. And they’re all unique. My schedule doesn’t often let me have a …

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Sep 13 2012

Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec et Montréal 2012

The third edition of this great weekend of racing is now in the books, including some historic moments and some personal moments. It’s taken me a while to get settled back in, to wrap up all the coverage, and to digest all that transpired. I’m now getting around to writing about it. Last year I …

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Jul 04 2012

Beyond Liberty (Part 2)

After that short visit with Dake: Maine led to New Hampshire (and a little shopping in North Conway). New Hampshire led to Vermont and finally the rain seemed to be gone. I still hadn’t found propane and I was now two weeks into the trip on on the one small tank that I’d gotten filled …

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Mar 23 2012

403 A, eh

The 2012 vintage VW season has started and for me it was with an expansion tank that started to give out. I was expecting it to go some time as it was one of the last casualties from a bad oil change that caused a run-away engine (something unique to diesel engines for those who …

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Mar 14 2012

From a Camper in NZ to My Camper in Canada

It’s technically not spring yet however the great weather we’re having and that has been forecast for the next week until spring does arrive prompted me to get Babe out of storage at Zef’s place today. She started up right away once the batteries were all reconnected and only wanted a little air in the …

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Feb 12 2012

Camper Culture in New Zealand – a Photo Gallery

I shared this in the Vanagon mailinglist I belong to as well as putting up a link on facebook. This for my friends who don’t follow either of those. The month we spent camping in New Zealand was awesome in many different ways of which a few revolved around how people use campers (or campervans …

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Oct 14 2011

An October Weekend in Vermont

With the Canadian Thanksgiving making it a long weekend, only one local cyclocross race on, a weather forecast that was exceptional, Andrea and I took the weekend off. We had talked about doing a trip to Vermont when we were at Watkins Glen a few weeks ago and the sun, moon and stars all lined …

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Oct 13 2011

The Tale of The Escutcheon

A while ago there was a discussion of the handle on the big slider doors in one of the lists I subscribe to and the piece that fits around the handle and into the door opening. A member (Alistair) had made some for himself and so I thought I’d ask if he had made any …

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Sep 26 2011

A Westy Weekend at Watkins

How time flies! The weekend after Quebec and Montreal was back-to-back cyclocross races; the first local ones for this season. That made for a busy weekend and the early part of the week was spent getting photos online. Once that was done though, it was time to get Babe ready for another trip. This time …

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