Road Trip and ROAD TRIP

This past weekend marked my 3rd BusFusion, a great VW campout held in Almonte ON. It was great to be back and connect with lots of volks I only get to see at times like this as well as new friends and some who are becoming like family. It’s a very cool and hard to explain experience, at least to anyone who hasn’t had the experience personally. I’ll put up a gallery of photos from the event (or at least the part of it we were able to attend) soon.

This minor road trip saw us head out early for the second year in a row as the Albion Ontario Cup MTB race was happening on the Sunday. So like last year we packed up and headed to Albion to camp for one more night making it 3 nights in total. I know Andrea wasn’t happy with her result, I’m glad we put in the effort to be there and make it happen.

So that’s the Road Trip. Very similar to the one I did to cover the Gatineau races in May which was also a VW and bicycle weekend. As for the ROAD TRIP:

I will be heading off to cover the Canadian MTB championships and then the two UCI World Cup races held here in eastern North America. That will span the next 3 weekends and I’d guess could be 4,000 miles of travel (I haven’t used Google or any map tools to estimate, I’ve just made sure I have lots of time to get from one to the next).

The Nationals are in Saint Félicien which is well off the beaten path. The Mont Sainte Anne World Cup is one I’ve covered for a few years now so I’m comfortable with what to expect there.Windham will be a new experience and will take me across the border into lower New York State. I have camping arranged for all of them and I’ll see where I end up in between.

One thing’s for sure… it’s going to be a busy month!

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