Set up at Saint-Félicien

This is the first entry for the ROAD TRIP, I’m now at the first race destination in the 3 weekend adventure.

It was two nights on the road to get here but I’m now camped next to the media center at the Canadian MTB Championships happening in St-Félicien on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a beautiful spot, very cycling friendly too! The course should be challenging and fun to photograph.

Command Center for the Nationals

Speaking of photogenic, so was the route getting up here! St-Félicien is about 200 KM north of Quebec City and about as far up as the pavement goes. The area up here is very cycling-friendly and there are lots of trails and paths. And lots of cyclists on them. I am guessing that’s helped along by government investment… whatever the source it’s all good! As for getting here…
The “most civilized” route up is through the Jacques Cartier Park and wildlife preserve. That only means that there was a gas station along the way. The most frequently spotted sign is “beware of moose”. I love how remote it was though and had a fabulous spot to camp for the night with nothing but the sounds of nature to keep me company.

Lunch on the Jacques Cartier River
A panoramic of my little campsite on the lake

It seems I’m writing this entry in reverse, may as well continue. The first day/night was tripping from TO to Bourget via Almonte. Its not like I haven’t gotten to see Frank Condelli a fair bit over the past month between the visit in late May (2 times) and then BusFusion in early June, it’s just that I arranged with him to get a grey water holding tank for Babe and this was the opportunity to install it. What a chore that turned out to be! The space is tight, the brackets are finicky and we had to move a propane line to be able to fit the tank in too. All in all it was 3 hours of sweat and curses and I’m now the proud owner of a holding tank. Definitely good for camping in parking lots like I’m now in. Here’s a shot of positioning the tank, plus on of Frank’s shop… seems it’s camping time so there are lots of volks getting him to work on theirs!

A tight fit

Welcome to the land of the Vanagon

One parting shot… this is from the Tim Hortons in Perth on the way east. Made me smile, hope it brings a smile to your face too.

Happy Camping Day

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  1. looks good, hope you had a good fathers day on the road! 🙂

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