The Tale of The Escutcheon

A while ago there was a discussion of the handle on the big slider doors in one of the lists I subscribe to and the piece that fits around the handle and into the door opening. A member (Alistair) had made some for himself and so I thought I’d ask if he had made any extras (people had suggested to him that might be a good thing). Al hadn’t however he offered to make me one and send it my way.

Proof that it does exist and did arrive

The tale of this escutcheon is a long one; it includes a mail strike, a hook in a workshop, insufficient postage, a burned out Y key, and a few other things. However the tale is now complete as I just finished installing it. Here are a few iphone pics so Al can see his handiwork in place.
Thanks, I really appreciate this Al.

The slider handle with the new escutcheon (yes, that’s a big, bad crack 🙁

Escutcheon installed on the handle

The handle now sits properly, nice and snug

However there is another tale that this exercise revealed… the handle itself is cracked and will need to be replaced. (Anyone have a handle for an ’82 slider?).

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