Basecamp at the Alexian Brothers Tour of Elk Grove

It was an interesting trip getting here, sorting out logistics and figuring out where I might end up along the way. Nothing worked out quite as expected, it’s all working out fine though.

And before I go any further… if any of the Vanagon volks in the area are intending to come to the race here in Elk Grove, let me know! I’m easy to find 🙂

My original plan was to try and camp at the Indiana Dunes Park (full when I got there) so I looked around for other options and came up empty. That puzzled me, since it’s such a huge stretch of beach I expected to find lots of places to camp… I’ll need to learn from the locals. Since plan B didn’t pan out either, I headed back east to the rest stop just at the Michigan/Indiana border and spent the night there. It was a short drive from there to Elk Grove (around 2 hours) and I got myself into the team area without any problems.

Of course the team don’t stay here over night, so they don’t get to “enjoy” the live concert and then the fireworks that follow. I enjoyed it (not so much the traffic from Ohare which will be like the trucks last night (steady and part of my dreams).

A highlight of the day was learning that Anne Samplonius (Canadian) won the ITT. She’s part of the  legacy that really kick-started women’s cycling in Canada, great to see she’s kept her form! One of her career highlights was a silver at the 1994 World Championships in the ITT… impressive to win today!

I’ll close with a couple of photos… I hope you’re enjoying the tale (and yes, I know, I still have the Tour de France stories to post). I will.

Fireworks lighting up the scene
“Anne and the Mayor”

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  1. Thanks,

    I did a blog also…Haven’t put up anything this season, but I have some new pics and ideas, soon as I get around to it. Looking forward to your TDF photos.

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