On the road, headed west to Elk Grove

I decided to pack up a day early so I would have time to enjoy the trip and avoid “camping” in rest stops all the way. I didn’t get an early start though, having gotten caught up watching the women’s and men’s time trials in London. But it’s a beautiful day and it felt great to pack up and point Babe west. Around 5 hours of driving has gotten me into Michigan, to a campsite I was at in the spring of 2011 when I was on my way back from Arkansas (Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area). Then I had the campsite to myself, this time it’s fairly busy (but far from full). Here are a couple of photos to compare.

May 2011
August 2012

I asked another Westy owner for camping spot suggestions somewhere close to Chicago and Pete (who lives in South Bend) suggested Van Buren State Park so that’s where I’ll head tomorrow. I should be able to get there around lunch time so I’ll have an entire day to play in the dunes, on the beach and on my bike before getting down to work on Friday. 

Of course since Pete’s also a westy guy he gave me a second suggestion which was to camp at his place He has 5 acres so more than enough room. Plus he also loves good scotch! So if I can I hope to do both and camp on the beach tomorrow and at his place on Sunday when I’m on my way back.
Update: Just got an email back, looks like I’ll be camping in South Bend on Sunday… the trip and the weekend are shaping up nicely. Now I should grab a camera and see how the full moon looks over the lake.

For now though, it’s late and I’m hungry. Time to get cookin! 

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