The Bruce (and Bikes)

It was a short trip, with some side trips. And very enjoyable.

I haven’t had an opportunity to get up to the Bruce Peninsula in years, it’s a place I’ve gone camping with my kids a number of times and we all have fond memories of time spent up that way so I was happy to have a reason to put it on my calendar. I left early on Friday knowing traffic would be slow as everyone makes their way to cottage country and slowly made my way up for an overnight visit with my mom. With all my extended trips I hadn’t made it up to see her in a while so the little detour was well worth it. I’m happy to report she’s doing well although the next visit will likely involve working on some plumbing (the house, not hers). Dinner was at the Explorers Cafe, I’m constantly amazed that Midland is lucky enough to have such a great spot to dine.

The next morning was relaxed and I had a leisurely start. On the road around 10 and up to the Bruce around 1. I checked out a few potential places to camp and decided on one that a friend had recommended (Cape Croker). It’s nestled in at the end of a bay with  nice beach and right on the Bruce Trail so good hiking too. This panoramic shows how close my campsite was to it all without being crowded in the slightest.

The Bruce Trail, and my campsite at the edge of the escarpment

I drove around the area a little, hiked the trail a little, read a little, enjoyed a campfire and a relaxing evening. All in all a perfect spot and I’d recommend it to anyone with one caveat: know what poison ivy looks like and watch where you walk. There’s LOTS of it around there.

Here are a few photos I took in my “down” time.

Roughing it


Then it was on to cover the race action. Time trials are a study in expression and composure to me, I like to find a couple of places that give me something as a background without distracting from the human form as the racers put out a huge effort. Sometimes it’s the body language, sometimes it’s the facial expression. Everyone has the same look after the finish though… spent and relieved it’s over.

I’ve put a few photos up on my Facebook page, there will be a gallery on soon and of course I’ll have some on my website. Here are a few samples since you’re here reading this.

And to close… this is a photo from the latest print issue of Pedal Magazine. The editor asked me for a bio including a photo (thanks to Jenna Matthews for the pic!). I have to admit that it felt good to see it when the magazine arrive. Another first…

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