2013 Cyclocross Season Wrap-up

While I didn’t get to cover much of the cycling season this year I feel like it did end on a high note and I’ll take as a positive sign for the season to come.

On top of my own distractions there was also the late-season doping revelations that took some of the fun out of it. I’m not surprised, just disappointed that yet more Canadians are being shown to be dopers. Still… I’m optimistic about the future of the sport, keep an eye on the next issue of Pedal magazine where I expect to have an article published about it reflecting my opinions and those of others in the cycling scene here.

But back to the topic at hand… CX.

I made it to most of the local races, missed a couple because of conflicts or the fact that the camper is now in hibernation for the winter but I was at the majority of them. For the most part the weather was too good. Hardwood presented me with the opportunity to get dramatic photos while the Baseball Cross delivered some good deep and sloppy mud shots as usual.

Last year around this time I was formulating plans to get to Louisville for the Worlds. No such luck this year, I have wrapped up my season and will start it up again in the spring. Which means I’ll spend the next month or 2 sorting out my calendar to see what events I’ll be covering. I’m hoping to be much more active in 2014.

I’ll let my images speak for themselves though… first up is a video of images taken on the GoPro I’ve been using as a trail-side extra. I like the ability to use my iPhone as a monitor and remote to trigger it, there are some problems with the app/iOS7/4S combination I have though as it drains the battery way too fast. I actually think it’s not that the battery is drained but that something is making iOS7 think it is. Either way it means I have to use it selectively. So here’s my selection… hope you like the tune too!

I’ll follow that up with a small gallery of select photos from the events, many of which have been posted to FB. The larger galleries are on my KrakerPhoto.com website, as usual. Hope you like them…

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