Louisville2013: wrapping it up

I’m not quite done sorting photos (about 4500 from today) but I’ve gotten the elite men and women galleries so I’ll take care of the Junior and U23 tomorrow. I’m too tired to be capable of doing a good job, 14 hours today after a string of Masters events has me run down.

Still… here are a couple of photos I didn’t use from the galleries I put together today. Hope you like them, stay tuned for more. And yes; the weather played a part in the day again. Not as dramatically as it had the day before, still a factor though. The organizers did a great job keeping the river at bay long enough.

Mike Garrigan
Huge crowds, boisterous fans. And Jonathan Page in the middle of it all
Emily Batty

Sven Nys ahead of Klass Vantornout (and about 10,000 fans)

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