Funding the future

I posted a photo of me in tie from a week or so ago… that was my first job interview in oh, about, say… 32 years? It’s the first job I submitted my resumé to. I did follow that up with submitting my resumé to one more position late last week.

I heard today they want me to come work for them. It looks like I’ll be a little busier again. It seems one interview was enough, I suspect I’m selling myself short and they’re getting a good deal. Works out ok both ways though, I think.

My start date is March 11, for what begins as a 6 month contract. When I first considered this I had hoped the start of this would have been earlier to not conflict with the summer schedule of bike races, it is what it is. And I was very upfront about my need to take long weekends and some longer trips that would be my personal time. One of the good things about having a calendar that goes out 9 months or so is that it’s easy to share and plan around it. I did drop a few of the longer trips including one that would have taken me to Banff and back. Still some great events on my calendar though, no regrets. Well, no big regrets.

While it means I won’t spend as much time travelling this year as I had been hoping to it does mean I’ll have funds to make some more improvements to my camper. And if this works out I’ll have to see about making an arrangement that includes more “away” time for the future. I have a lot of things I want to do…

The past couple of years have been a very reflective space, I like what I’ve learned about myself and where I fit into the world. Of course I look forward to learning more.

A time and space to THINK and rejuvenate.
Thanks for that Larry (and I like the latest RoadHaus ramblings, take the time to give them a read!)

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