It Hurts Me to Do This…

And there are a couple of people who already know how that teaser line ends! I saw some friends take hard falls today and being the snapper I am, I just kept shooting. The good news is they both walked away from their crashes on “Boneshaker”, even if it was with some limping and not being able to finish the race. Hopefully they will both be back on the bikes soon and racing at Albion next weekend.

So Larry and Robyn… here are the galleries of what I happened to capture. You definitely weren’t the only ones to go down, for some reason today seemed just that much more difficult in a few parts of the course. Hope you don’t mind… I know the one photo that went up on PedalMag went viral pretty quickly so your fellow racers are likely interested in these (and you’ll get no end of teasing this week I’m sure).

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