Journalist, Photographer, Friend, and all the spaces in between

I expected the blog entry from yesterday would stimulate conversation since lots of people in the local racing scene know the folks featured and I certainly saw (and am still seeing) lots of conversations happening.

From facebook there are both “like” links and “dislike” comments, supportive thoughts and lots of well-wishing. And I decided to remove a few photos that were not really important in expressing the importance of the story, I believe the remaining photos say it all. The real story is in the conversation people are having about the race.

I’ll say honestly that this is something I love about the MTB community… doesn’t matter what team colours you wear or what category you race it’s one big family and everyone is there for each other before, during and after the race. I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments these photos have stimulated, and I hope the smiling post race pics or the race-face-on shots mean a little more knowing and seeing what all of the racers go through, dare themselves to do, and risk every time they come prepared at the start line.

So ending with a start, I’ll add one other crash… I saw Steven still racing later so he was another with a notch of accomplishment.

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