Mar 09 2015

City Art

Since I’m getting back to my blog (as I should!) let me update it with some moments in recent history. It’s been a challenge to find the time to step outside of obligations. I think it’s the right choice though, I’m doing some good work and have an opportunity to make what could be significant changes happen.

It also has me getting out into different spaces too.

It felt great to be inspired again… I love sharing what I think living is all about. Since coming close to losing it all I continue to appreciate what I have in many different ways. It’s high time I’ve gotten back into writing about it from a personal perspective.

So here are a couple of photos from something I see whenever I’m heading home on the subway. Union Station and the attached subway station are both undergoing some major changes. Some time after they opened the new “Northbound to Finch” subway platform someone decided to stop having everyone stare across the tracks at a construction site. And this is what they did:

Union Station Art #2

Union Station Art #2

Union Station Art #1

Union Station Art #1

Glass panels with what looks like charcoal drawings on them. They’re beautiful. And somewhat ambiguous.

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