Getting Down to Business

I’m gearing up for my next gallery showing at Leonardo Galleries and decided I needed to improve the tools I’m working with. And one thing led to another…

I’ll hold off talking about the exhibit until it’s officially announced in a couple of weeks but I will say that it opens May 1st and the opening reception will be Saturday afternoon (May 2nd). Stay tuned for more details.

As for my office, here’s how it looks.

My 2015 office

I added a 27″ Apple Thunderdisplay to my MacBook Pro so I could properly process photos when at home, specifically so I could get the images as good as possible for the exhibit. I added a bluetooth keyboard so I could make it as ergonomic as possible. It also puts me back by the window so I can enjoy the back garden. Definitely feels good.

Desk #1

I moved the iMac and connected Samsung monitor to the 2nd desk. This is also the desk I’ll use when working from home on the IT contract I have. That’s why there’s one Windows machine in the picture 🙂

Desk #2



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