Finished Touches

About a month ago I posted an entry with a shot of the first Bamboo Bike Studio Toronto Frame being built. Since then, the video I put together has gone live (link below) and three custom ‘boo frames were displayed and put up for sale today. All very exciting stuff. I’m very proud of Steff’s (Zef) accomplishments as I know this has been a real labour of love.

In that earlier post, I said I was looking for permission to use some music to enhance the documentary. We heard back from Johan Hultqvist from Mr. Something Something with a green light… so here’s the video! (watch it in HD).

And as for the latest frames, they are stunning. I’ve begun working on a short video highlighting them however here’s a shot of one… as much as I love the clean look of the black carbon and natural ‘boo I think the added beauty takes it up 3 levels. If you can get to the Bike Geek Boutique show you can see the two Chiale frames plus “#3” which has a brass inlay head-badge. Look for more creativity from the ‘boo studio yet to come! If you do make it, take a peek at the photos on the wall @ the Boutique… my first public showing in a while 🙂

A BBST and Jimmy Chiale collaboration

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